Problems when the system starts

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  • If on the screen there is the graphical start screen of openmamba and shows up the message:
    Initializing the kernel...
    Mounting the system disk...

or there are no messages, restart the system in debug mode in the following way:

  1. when the PC starts wait that the GRUB 2 screen with black background and green characters
  2. Be sure that in the start menu the selected system is openmamba, using the arrow keys up/down
  3. press 'e' key
  4. move the cursor to the end of the first line (with arrow keys or "end" key) and write:
debug debug=1 video=uvesafb:off

With kernel version 2.6.22 or previous the command is:

debug debug=1 video=vesafb:off

If you don't be able to resolve the problem please send us a note reporting in the more detailed way the messages on the screen.

  • If you read the message:

pressing F2 it shall show up a screen with black backgroung that can be helpful to understand the cause of the problem. If you can't resolve the problem please report us the problem with the messages on the screen (after pressing F2).