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That's wiki contains useful info to begin to use at top your openmamba system.

Use of programs

One of the big trouble that people meets the first time that use a GNU/Linux system is to find the programs that have the same functionality of the ones used to use on Windows or Mac OS/X. Following table can be used to found fast the equivalent software between different operative system.

Equivalences of programs between differents O.S.
Type Windows Mac OS/X openmamba
Web browser Internet Explorer Safari konqueror or firefox
File manager Explore resource Storage Media (from icon System on desktop)
Email Outlook Mail kontact or evolution
Instant messagging MSN Messenger MSN Messenger pidgin or aMSN or kopete
Image editing Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Wordprocessing Microsoft Word Microsoft Word writer (openoffice) or kword (koffice)
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel calc (openoffice) or kspread (koffice)
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Powerpoint impress (openoffice) or kpresenter (koffice)
Optical drive burning Nero Nero k3b
Video playback Windows Media Player Quicktime kaffeine or vlc or kmplayer
Audio playback Windows Media Player o WinAmp iTunes amarok or xmms
Compressed archive WinZip, WinRar Stuffit Expander ark
System configuration Control Panel Control center KDE (from openmamba menu)

Software installation

One feature of Open Source O.S. is that programs are avaible via internal installation. To install an Open Source software the first think to do is to search if this is avaible in the distro. Go in:

openmamba control center -> Software -> Add/remove software packages

will start the program synaptic.

Click on Search button and key in the name of the software you want to install (if you know it) or a keyword related to the type of software you search (for example Office). Will show a list of programs. If you find the program you're searching just double click on the selection box on the left and click on the button Apply to install it.

Installation of programs not present in the openmamba's repository

Normally software non Open Source are not included in the distro, but shall be downloaded from the developer web site.

Often even Open Source programs are avaible on the site in a installable format, but in that case it's advised to request the addition in the openmamba distro. That's warrants that the program shall be integrated in the best way, mantained and updated

As first thing verify if the program you're searching is listed in the list of programs available externally to openmamba and follow the instruction.

Normally if in the producer site is available the version in RPM format, even for other GNU/Linux distro as Fedora, Mandriva and Suse, you can install it clicking form [konqueror] on the RPM file and selecting Open with kpackage. Follow the instrucion of [kpackage] to install the RPM and in case if problems inform us.

Sometimes the program is available as .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 archive or in executable format (for example In that case follow the instruction from the producer site.

System configuration

There are some default settings that many users wants to change after the installation. This section teach how to change them.

How to change the default home page in konqueror

Open konqueror and load the page you want to use as default homepage. Then go in Settings -> Save view profile 'Web surfing', select the box Save URLs in profile and press Save button.

How to activate the mouse double click to start programs

Go in Openmamba Menu -> Control center -> Devices -> Mouse, then click on Double clic to open file and folders and click on Apply button.

How to set lefthanded mouse

Go in Openmamba Menu -> Control Center -> Devices -> Mouse, then click on Lefthanded and press Apply button.