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openmamba installation consist in installing the system on one hard disk of the computer.

Installation media

To install openmamba you need a live media. In the page download is possible to download the ISO Image choosing from the various images available. The media shall be burned as "ISO file image".

Start the system from the liveCD

The openmamba desktop stars from the CD/DVD player. Be sure that the CD/DVD is inserted in the player when the computer reboot or start. If the PC doesn't start from the CD/DVD check the boot option in the bios. Sometimes you need to press shortly a key after the poweron to choose the boot from CD (for example F8, F12, TAB), other times you've to enter the bios setup (CANC, F2) and change the boot sequence option (make CD/DVD boot before HDD). If the procedure is correct the openmambe system will start in 1-2 minutes (speed is mostly influenced by the CD/DVD speed and the media type used)

N.B. Normally both in Windows and in Linux ISO format is automatically recognized so you've only to double click on the file image.iso to start automatically the burning software with the correct options. If this is not true start your burning software and choose a selection like burn ISO images and not create a data cd of the iso image or you obtain only a copy of the file and not a bootable cd!!

HD installation

On the openmamba desktop started from the liveCD is available the icon ``Install`` that execute the installation program mamba installer. The software permit to partition of the hard disk to create one or more Linux partition (is suggested to make una system partition and one swap partition), then begin to install on the choosen partition and configure the boot loader for the system boot. When the installation is ended mamba installer propose the reboot of the computer. The system is ready for the first boot.

First system boot

On the first boot from hard disk, if all is correct, shows up the start screen of the boot loader. Selecting openmamba or waiting for about 5 secs will start openmamba tha load mambawelcome, the customization program of the system. That tool make possible to configure the essential settings of the system (username, password, root passwordd etc.). After you've inserted that info you can enter the system with the new user just selected.

End of the installation

On the first desktop access starts automatically the tool mambabase. Running it is necessary to complete correctly the system installation, because the liveCD installation don't provide all what is needed for a optimal use of openmamba.mambabase request an active network connection; if that's not available is advised to provide and relaunch mambabase. That's possible form the mambatray, that's in the tray icon bar in the low right corner of the screen. Click on the icon, select ``Software``, then ``Openmamba base installation...``.