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GAG is the spanish acronym for ``Graphic Boot Manager ``. It's a tool that can be usefully installed in the master boot record of the boot disk of the PC to manage in simply way the boot from extended partition or secondary disks. GAG is available on every kind of live media of openmamba, and can be installed on the computer using the following command:

gag-install -k QWERTY -l ITALIAN /dev/hda

GAG is installed with the support to the Italian language and keyboard on the drive identified as /dev/hda. To install the english language simply do:

gag-install /dev/hda

When you rewrite the MBR is a good thing do a backup.

Some operative system (for example Microsoft Windows Vista) cannot boot if there're missing information (like the GUID) in the MBR or if they're overwritten.

After the installation, the setup of GAG is done via a simple graphic interface at the system reboot.